SWAP East works with partner colleges in the east of Scotland to run a range of one year access programmes for adult learners.  These programmes lead on to hundreds of different degree programmes at SWAP East partner universities or on to a college HNC or HND programme.


Who is SWAP for?

SWAP is for anyone looking for a second chance at education and who aims to fulfil their academic potential by studying for a higher education qualification.  Out programmes are designed to provide a supportive environment for adults returning to education.  You don't usually need any formal entry qualifications.  You do need to be ready to learn about a range of subjects and have the motivation to succeed.


Am I Eligible?

A SWAP programme could be for you if you:

  • Have been out of full-time education for 3 years or more (5 years if you already have Highers or an HN qualification or equivalent);
  • Don't already have a university degree.

If you're unsure about your eligibility for SWAP, please get in touch for advice.


How much does it cost?

Funding depends on your personal circumstances, but for the vast majority of SWAP students course fees are fully funded.  Most are also entitled to a college bursary to help with living costs.  Once you know where you want to study, you should contact the relevant college Student Support Team for advice on the funding you will be entitled to.  The college will usually have funding information on their website.  The Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) can advise on funding for university degree programmes and on funding for HNC/D courses.


What can I study and where?

There is a range of SWAP programmes running at colleges across Scotland.  The programme you apply to join will depend largely on what you hope to go on and study afterwards.  All of our programmes are one year, full-time (about 18 hours in class per week), running annually from August - June.  Have a look at the Access Programme Search here for details of current SWAP East programmes and how to apply.



Thousands of people have already taken the SWAP route into higher education .  You could too!


For further information and advice on your options, please call 0131 650 6861 or Email swapeast@ed.ac.uk




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