Absences and Non-Payments


We understand that you might not be able to attend all of your classes all of the time due to various reasons.  There are four different ways that absences can be covered - Authorised Absence, CM Approved Absence, Self-Certificated and Medical Certificate.

Self-Certificates will be done by yourself online via the link below.  This needs to be done within 7 days of your absence. 

Click here to view our Self-Certificate Guide which gives you instructions on how to self-certificate.

Take me to MyInfo to self-certificate and check attendance.

Attendance Guidance and our Absence Leaflet provides further information on what kind of absences we cover and what kind of evidence we require.


Funding Appeals

If you have not received payment due to uncovered absences and/or unsatisfactory engagement, you can submit an Appeal to be considered by funding.  Please complete send an email to funding@forthvalley.ac.uk or submit letter to us via reception.  

We aim to review your Appeal and make a decision within two weeks of submission.  We usually will notify you of the outcome via email.



If you have not received any payment or part-payment payment on the expected date, this will be because:

You have not achieved the attendance requirement and/or have not engaged in your learning.

From this session we will be checking attendance, progress and engagement. 

 If your attendance falls below 100% attendance, we will follow this three step process:

 1st and 2nd occurrence where attendance is below 100% - Full payment will be made to you.  We will communicate with the teaching department to check engagement and progression too.

3rd occurrence where attendance is below 100% - A percentage payment will be made to you based on your attendance within the period of attendance we are checking.   We will communicate with the teaching department to check engagement and progression too.

4th occurrence where attendance is below 100% - Email will be sent to student and childcare provider. No payment will be made and we will not pay any further claims until the student has has full attendance. We will communicate with the teaching department to check engagement and progression too.

We will be recording the number of occurrence's so if you have been absent and you have not covered all absences, please contact us.  This will have an affect on your overall attendance.   If you have self-certificates remaining and you forgot to self-certificate, we may be able to self-certificate on your behalf on one occasion only.

If you have not submitted evidence on time to request your absence be covered, please submit this evidence to us along with a covering letter explaining the lateness of submission. This will be reviewed, and if covered and you then qualify for payment, your instalment will be released to you when the next payment is due.

If you receive a late payment due to late self-certificate or late submission of evidence, please note we may not log late coverage again for you, so please ensure that you cover all absences within the deadlines.

Your registers may have been keyed incorrectly

If you think that your register has been keyed in wrong by your lecturer, you need to contact that lecturer.  If they amend your attendance on your record, they will also need to notify us via email.  They should email funding@.  If the register amendment increases your attendance to qualify for payment, we will arrange for the payment to be made to you when the next payment is due.

Similarly, if you have submitted your placement card late to your lecturer, and they amend your register after we have checked your attendance, your lecturer can amend the register.  If any amendments are made, they will then need to email us.

You have been absent long-term.   

If you are absent from college for a period of time, then your payments may stop for all funding.  We are limited to the number of weeks that we can pay when you are absent from college and your teaching department might withdraw you.  Please view our attendance guidance document for further information regarding this.