Design Thinking for Educators

Tags: Best Practice Template

Some info about how I used the Design Toolkit for Educators to change my classroom practice.

From Stress to Success in 3 Steps




To achieve this I used a range of resources:

1.  "Project Based Learning:  How to take the road less travelled" by Moore, Moore, Proctor, Schiller (2012).  ISBN 9781479263325.

2.  Design thinking for Educators Toolkit downloadable at:

3.  For student feedback I used: a simple post-it note based collaborative system for sharing comments, images, files, ideas etc.


Contact Details

McLean McIntosh B. Sc. Hons. (Open)

Lecturer in Core Skills

Department of Access & Student Services

Tel: 01324 403192




Step 1:  Constructive Discontent - you have to know that something is wrong and be able to define what is wrong before you can fix it.  The Design Thinking for Educators toolkit is great for this.

Step 2:  Formulating Ideas - based on what you found out using the toolkit, start to gather ideas - speak to colleagues, do the reading, examine the research, check out the websites.  There are lots of great ideas out there you just need to find them.  I found that item 1 in my ingredients list was a big help because I use project based assessment.

Step 3:  Incremental Changes - based on what you found out using the toolkit, start to make lots of little changes. They soon add up!

It worked for me - I hope it works for you too!



Note App in action



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