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No SRS Kit - No Problem!



  • Either log in to as a teacher with a gmail account or create a socrative account, or download the app from google play store - it's free.
  • Create a Classroom Code e.g. CORESKILLS.
  • Get your learners to either log in to as a student using the Classroom code you created, or get them to download the socrative student app from google play store - again it's free.

Then you can start to create quizzes, poll questions, team games etc. and all of the questions are sent to the device your learners are using - PC, laptop, tablet or phone.  And it's not just true/false questions either.  You can do short response questions too!

There's even a tool called exit ticket which sends out end of class evaluation questions to your learners and collates the feedback


Watch the video to see how it works!



Contact Details

Contact:  McLean McIntosh

Department:  Student Services - Core Skills Team

Ext: 3192

Room 177



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